Google Slides™ Math Equations - Home Page

What does it do

Math Equations allows you to take your typeset languages (ex - latex,mathml,ascii text) and convert them to images to use inside of your slideshow. Other features include the ability to reload a equation image and make changes and re upload to your presentation.


For this extension to work it requires 2 permissions.

here a video showing the permissions


This application doesn't collect any user information. The only information that is collected is things like error logs and api request call numbers. This data is anonymous and is collected for every google slide extension. For more information you can look at the privacy policy page

How this extension works

How to create image

  1. Type in your math equation in a latex,MathML,AsciiMath format
  2. You'll see a small example of the expected output your going to generate
  3. Then click the copy button which will add the image to your google slides™
  4. Your math equation has been added and you can know place it where you need it.

How to modify a image that's been added

  1. If you want to modify a image, fist selected it in the presentation
  2. Then hit the bind button
  1. After you hit bind you should see your equation loaded back into the text area
  2. Know when you hit the copy button you will copy the image to the location of the image you selected when you hit bind
  3. Know a new button has been added called unbind. This button will unbind the image you've selected. Which will make the copy button go back to just adding a image